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Anna Bednarska - conductor

Alla Polacca Children and Youth Choir is affiliated with the Teatr Wielki/Grand Theatre - Polish National Opera in Warsaw.
The choir consists of 200 choristers performing in four age groups (singing kids, children, teenagers and chamber ensemble). The choir was founded three decades ago by Sabina Włodarska, a recognized music educator and student of maestro Stefan Stuligrosz. In 2014, Anna Bednarska took over from Sabina Włodarska as Alla Polacca's conductor and artistic director.

Alla Polacca Choir participates in concerts, operas and other musical projects staged at the Grand Theatre. Its members take part in national and international workshops and competitions, reaching for the highest awards. Alla Polacca Choir performs and tours extensively - both in Poland and abroad.

Alla Polacca's repertoire spans all epochs and styles, including a capella pieces, works with orchestra, harp, piano and organ accompaniment. The choir has recorded many works of Polish contemporary music for the Polish radio and television archives. The choir has also released 18 albums. In 2015, Alla Polacca recorded songs for the Fairy Tale Domino Effect (Bajkowy Efekt Domina) audiobook and Majka Jeżowska’s new album (Majka Jeżowska Symfonicznie).

In 2016, Alla Polacca chamber ensemble won the Grand Prix at the XIX Cantio Lodziensis national choir competition in Lodz. The choir also prepared an interactive family Hanukkah concert for POLIN - the Museum of the History of Polish Jews that same year.

In 2017, Alla Polacca chamber ensemble won two golds at the 52 International Choir competition in Miedzyzdroje (in Sacral Music and Contemporary Music categories) combined with the Special Jury Prize.

In December 2017, the Alla Polacca choir released the album "Młodość ma głos". The recording was made in Studio S1, a Polish Radio station named after W. Lutosławski, in Warsaw. The album contains eighteen works performed by a children's youth and chamber choir. The premiere of this work, performed by the Alla Polacca Chamber Choir, took place at the 52 International Festival of Choirs in Międzyzdroje in 2017.

Renata Szerafin Wójtowicz - conductor

The Torun Music School Children Choir ‘Gioia di Cantare’ was founded in 1994 under direction of Renata Szerafin-Wojtowicz. Choir consists of 45 school students, aged 12-16. The choir mostly performs secular and sacred pieces of Polish and European contemporary composers. Its repertoire is enriched by pieces of earlier epochs as well as music inspired by folklore. It also performed vocal-instrumental masterpieces, e.g. ‘Stabat Mater’ by G. Pergolesi.
The choir actively participates in artistic activities of the Music School, and many local events in its hometown, giving concerts and embellishing city ceremonies with music. In June 1999 the choir sang with other choirs during visit of Pope John Paul II in Torun. In 2006 ‘Gioia di Cantare’ took part in performance of ‘Requiem for Beslan’, piece composed to commemorate the tragedy in Chechen. In 2010 'Gioia di Cantare' released a record with christmas carols.
Besides participation in festivals and contests, the choir sang at Royal Castle in Warsaw, Vienna (Austria), Rome (Mass at St. Peter's Basilica, singing at audience with Pope John Paul II in 1998), Florence, Lucca, San Gimignano, Malcesine (Italy), Paris (France), Coimbra (Portugal), Montreux (Switzerland), Olomouc, Karvina (Czech Republic), Carevo, Kiten (Bulgaria), Eischischki (Lithuania),Torrevieja, Barcelona (Spain), Preveza (Greece), Budapest (Hungary).
The choir has been recognized with numerous prizes, including lately:
2016 – Golden Diploma Excellent and 1st Prize in cat. Folk music, Golden Diploma and 1st Prize in cat. Sacred music, Golden Diploma in cat. Catalan music in VI International Competition„Canco Mediterrania” in Lloret de Mar/ Barcelona, Spain
2017 – Golden Diploma and the Special Prize in All-Poland Passion Competition in Bydgoszcz, Poland
2017 – Golden Diploma, Special Prizes and Best Conductor Prize in 16th International Choral Music Festival in Barczewo, Poland
2018 – Golden Diploma and Best Conductor Prize in 13th All-Poland Choral Festival of Christmas Carols in Chełmno, Poland
2018 – Golden Diploma in 15th International Choir Competition in Riva del Garda, Italy

Galina Stanisheva - conductor

THE CHILDREN’S CHOIR “DOBRI HRISTOV” with Municipal Children’s Complex – Varna was established in 1952-1953 by the eminent musical pedagogic Veselin Ivanov. The conductors D.Resnenski, L.Dushek /under whose management the Children’s Choir won one of the first prizes for Bulgarian choir in Arezzo – Italy/, Tz. Petrova, Iv. Dimitrova, Z. Milkova, I. Kolarova are linked with the 64-years of the choir’s artistic biography.
Since 2016, conductor is Galina Stanisheva. Pianist and choirmaster of the Children's Choir is Bilyana Eneva.

In pursuance of long-term creative programs, young singers have joint performances with the Girl Choir and the Choir of Varna boys and youngsters with Municipality of Varna, the symphony orchestra with the National School in Arts ”D. Hristov” and the orchestra “Symphonieta”, as well as with participation in the International May Choir Competition and the International Music Festival “ Varna Summer”.

The Children’s Choir “Dobri Hristov” – Varna has rich concert life – participation in Municipal and National festivals, holder of Diplomas from International Festivals in Neerpelt - Belgium; Belford - France; Montreaux - Switzerland; Nan-le-Pen - France, Arezzo - Italy; Ohrid - Makedonia, Praha - Czech Republic, Wolfenbuttel - Germany, Lago di Garda – Italy,
Bulgaria and etc.

Children - singers perform Bulgarian choral songs of the composers: D. Hristov, F. Kutev, N. Stoykov, N. Kaufman, K. Iliev, St. Mutafchiev, P. Luyndev, M. Kolarov and etc: Diverse concert program includes works from: Pergolesi, Monteverdi, Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Gliere, Kodaly, Ligeti,
Poulenc, and etc.

In Choir “Dobri Hristov” - Children’s Choir the singing children - choristers and soloists are aged from 6 to 10 years. Study musical theory, solo and choral singing. Sing canons, songs of one and two voices.

Representative Children's Choir "Dobri Hristov" - Concert Choir /10-18/ is engaged with the solo, ensemble and polyphonic choral singing. Through the works of Western - European composers, children learn about different musical styles /Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and contemporary music/.

Laura Stieler - conductor

Poznań Choral School is the only vocally-oriented school of music in Poland. THE GIRLS’ CHOIR AT JERZY KURCZEWSKI POZNAN CHOIR SCHOOL (PSChJK) was founded in 2008. Today, it brings together over fifty girls aged 10-15. The ensemble develops both artistically and socially, and operates in the area of broadly understood musical culture. It takes part in festivals, opera performances, artistic projects run by higher education establishments, as well as in choirmaster seminars.

Since 2010, the PSChJK Girls’ Choir under the direction of Dorota Wojnowska has been taking part in national and international competitions, where it is awarded top prizes.

The choir’s most recent successes include the Gold Medal at 2nd International Choral Festival in Gdańsk, Poland (2013),
the Golden Angel prize at 4th International Advent and Christmas Song Festival in Cracow, Poland (2013),
Golden Diploma and Special Award - VI National Choir Competition Ars Liturgica, Gniezno, Poland (2014),
Golden Cup (Grand Prize) and the Cup for the Best Conductor - XXVI International Choir Competition in Verona, Italy (2015).
The choir has participated in festivals such as Sierakowska Spring Classics (2011, 2013), A Cappella Festival Poznań (2011), International Boys' Choir Festival, Poznań (2014), International Girls' Choir Festival, Poznań (2014).

Recordings: "Czy to szczotka, czy to jeż?" ("Is it the brush, or a hedgehog?") - songs for children, by Jerzy Wasowski (2010), “Ponad czasem, ponad ziemią” ("Over time, over the Earth") - Renaissance madrigals and contemporary sacred music (2012), "Kantyczka ... Polish carols" (2015).

Laura Stieler has conducted the choir since 2017.

The SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir
Poznań, Polska
Alicja Szeluga - conductor

The SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir from Poznań, Poland was established in 1950. From its beginning it has been affiliated with ZAMEK Culture Centre.
Experienced and respected pedagogues-musicians look after the musical development of the girls and artistic program.

The SKOWRONKI Girls Choir also has programs for younger groups.
The ensemble is consists of 150 girls aged between 6 and 20. The singers of the choir are secondary school students as well as students from universities of Poznań. The group’s repertoire rediscovers and promotes works of various composers from different periods as well as performs pieces commissioned especially for the choir.

The Choir has received many main prizes in nineteen European choir competitions of which the most important is the Grand Prix of National Choir Tournament LEGNICA CANTAT (2007) and Grand Prix of International Choir Competition in Ohrid in Macedonia (2011), and Grand Prix of Freamunde International Choir Competition in Portugal (2016), and Grand Prix of International Choir Festival “InCanto Mediterraneo” in Milazzo, Sicily (2017).
It tours regularly, bringing Polish culture closer to the world and has performed in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, France, Spain, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, Israel and in the United States.

The group’s performance highlight was a concert on one of the world’s most prestigious stages - Carnegie Hall, New York City. The two-hour performance, exuberantly applauded by American audience, was a huge success.

The choir’s discography includes ten CDs and twelve DVDs with concert recordings.

The Choir is conducted and creatively inspired by its Artistic Director and Conductor Alicja Szeluga, an educator and choral music aficionado. The Vocal Coach Marzena Michałowska, and accompanying pianist Czesław Łynsza, as well as percussionist Beata Polak complete the musical team.

Poznań, Polska
Julia Łynsza - conductor

The Małe Skowronki and The Skowroneczki Girls’ Choirs are two ensembles forming the The Skowronki choral family.

Admission age for the youngest group The Małe Skowronki Girls’ Choir ranges from six to nine years old. These talented kids just start their adventure with music. They perform children’s songs, written by Polish composers and often enriched with stage choreography. Their colorful concerts are characterized by spontaneity and joy, so natural to children’s performance on stage. The Małe Skowronki Girls’ Choir attracts numerous admirers, especially parents and grandparents who are part of the unforgettable emotions during every concert.

The Skowroneczki Girls’ Choir is comprised of primary school pupils as well as the first graders of middle high school, aged from nine to thirteen. The choir’s repertoire includes children’s choral literature for 2-3 voices. It takes a few years for these young choristers to get acquainted with the secrets of multi-voice choral singing and finally to join the eldest, concerts-giving group.

SKOWRONECZKI regularly perform in Poznań and Wielkopolska region. Choir twice took part in the Trillme International Girls' Choir Festival, Poznań (2014 and 2016). The latest success of the choir is winning the first place in the category of children's choirs at the National Choral Festival "Cantio Lodziensis" (2017).

In the phonographic output, the choir has two CDs ("Musical kangaroos - songs by Małgorzata Nowak-Guzowska", 2010 and "Rhythmic & Romantic", 2014) as well, as 11 DVDs with live concert recordings.

Both groups are directed by Julia Łynsza and accompanied on piano by Czesław Łynsza. Teresa Nowak creates stage choreography. The choirs are under the artistic guidance of Alicja Szeluga.

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